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Fee Structure

Fees and Payment

Our charges are hourly and based on the complexity of each enquiry and the level of investigation required in order to bring it to a successful conclusion.

We are happy to provide estimates in advance, which are given on the basis that the case is assumed to proceed reasonably smoothly and without undue complication or delay. Our aim is to give you an accurate estimate of your likely costs at the outset,  based on the nature of your enquiry. If at any time it appears likely that estimates may be exceeded we will give you as much notice as possible, and reserve our right to revise the estimate accordingly.

  • Our standard hourly rate is from £60 per hour;
  • In cases of exceptional urgency, complexity or responsibility we reserve the right to revise rates, by mutual agreement;
  • Since fees are time-based they are payable whether or not a case is successfully concluded or completed unless superseded by prior agreement, as may be the case in some instances, for certain categories of service.
  • Disbursements are charged extra and VAT is added to all accounts.

In the absence of any prior agreement (such as for legally aided matters) our charges are payable immediately an assignment is completed and our account rendered.

In some circumstances we may request a retainer (deposit) at the outset of any enquiry. In certain circumstances full payment may be required prior to commencement of the investigation.

We require clients to settle accounts promptly, or risk delays to the case/s – payments may be made in cash, by cheque or electronically direct to our account.

Further Information

For more information or to speak to a member of the team about our services, please contact us on 0844 335 1225