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Why FCI?

Here’s the situation.

You urgently need certain difficult-to-obtain information before you can       a) solve a problem or b) come to an informed decision about something.

You recognise that hiring a team of proven private detectives probably represents the fastest and surest way to get to where you need to be.

The question now is: who to talk to?

FCI is an established team of investigators with over 22 years’ hands-on experience.

All our investigators, male and female, have proven UK police detective training and have dealt with many serious, complex and often sensitive cases.

We are friendly, approachable and good listeners. And if you prefer, you can speak with a female investigator.

You can call us now, in complete confidence that whatever you tell us won’t go any further. Ever.

This initial no-obligation discussion will establish whether FCI is likely to be able to assist your situation.

If we think we can, and if you wish to proceed, an experienced member of the team will take details of the investigation over the telephone. We may ask for you to confirm these instructions in writing.

In some circumstances the complexity of the enquiry will require an experienced investigator to meet you at a suitable venue of your choosing in order to take your detailed instructions in person.

Once full instructions are received your enquiry will commence either immediately or at a pre-arranged time.

Further Information

For more information or to speak to a member of the team about our services, please contact us on 0844 335 1225