Female Private Detective

The role of the female private detective

As a leading female private detective company working throughout Yorkshire and the North East, at Farrar Corporate Investigations we have both female and male operatives and many of them are police-trained.

A Female private detective can carry out precisely the same types of day-to-day operations as their male colleagues but it is certainly the case that in some circumstances deploying a female private detective is appropriate.

From the outset, some clients prefer to deal with a female private detective. This can be for many reasons but often occurs, for example, in circumstances where a female client finds it easier to speak with another female about matters affecting her life with a partner or spouse or her children.

In certain surveillance situations it can be more suitable to deploy a female operative – indeed, situations can often occur both in surveillance and in investigations when it is simply not possible to deploy a male operative.

There can also be situations in which a female operative is more likely to gain the confidence of a target who is thought to be in possession of sought-after information.

Farrar Corporate Investigations is a professional private detective agency. The investigatory services we perform are designed to get difficult to obtain information discretely, professionally, cost effectively and in a timely manner.

For these and other reasons Farrar CI is staffed by female as well as male investigators and detectives.

From our base in York Farrar Corporate Investigations provides a wide range of private detective and investigation services across Yorkshire, the North East and Greater Manchester on behalf of private, legal and corporate clients.

Our operatives are police-trained, with over 20 years experience often carrying out the most complex and sensitive of investigations,

Clients who hire a private Investigator from Farrar CI know they have a reliable and professional private investigation agency carrying out the necessary enquiries.

All detectives and investigators, both male and female, are highly trained and experienced. We work on commercial, criminal and domestic investigations ranging from theft in the workplace and fraud to private client work including matrimonial infidelity, marital investigations, obtaining video surveillance evidence, adultery cases, domestic matters, children and child custody, nursing home negligence, personal injury, bodily injury, auto liability, catching cheaters, corporate investigations, spousal surveillance, employee background checks and many other types of investigations including people tracing, home and office de-bugging services, hidden camera installation and covert video surveillance together with many kinds of legal process serving. We use many techniques including GPS vehicle tracking and other hi-tec resources. 

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