Female Private Investigator

Role of a female private investigator and detective

A Female private investigator and detective is an  essential part of the modern private investigator’s armoury in a society where confiding with somebody of the same sex can provide extra trust, security and increased rapport.

This is why we at Farrar Corporate Investigations have experienced male and female private investigators working out of our York head office, covering major the northern cities like Manchester and Leeds.

Female Private Investigator

A Female Private investigator can work on a variety of different types of cases from corporate work such as company fraud or asset tracing and identity theft to private client work such as matrimonial investigations, where revealing the activities of a partner suspected of cheating may be the reason for hiring a private detective.

In investigations that may be of a particularly sensitive nature female clients  often find it easier to liaise with a female private investigator, whose sympathetic listening skills and experience can put them at their ease.

These same skills are much in evidence, too, when  eliciting information from third parties. Furthermore, female detectives are often able to mount surveillance operations is places where a man would not find it easy to gain admittance.

When you employ Farrar CI you can  elect to have your case managed by a female private investigator from the start.

At Farrar CI we investigate fraud, trace family debtors and fraudsters, cheating spouses, marital infidelity, employee theft, insurance fraud, false claims, personal injury claims,  fraud investigations, background checks and employee verification. We use many techniques including GPS vehicle tracking.

Our private detective agency is staffed with experienced, trained male and female detectives who investigate matrimonial infidelity, marital investigations, obtaining video surveillance evidence, adultery cases, domestic matters, children and child custody, nursing home negligence, personal injury, bodily injury, auto liability, catching cheaters, corporate investigations, spousal surveillance, employee background checks and many other types of investigations including people tracing, home and office de-bugging services, hidden camera installation and covert video surveillance, together with many kinds of legal process serving.

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