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Tribunals cost UK businesses £1.6 billion in 2012 alone.

In 2010 there were a total of 236,000 Employment Tribunal claims  – a 56% increase  on the previous year.

The average cost for an employer to defend themselves, win or lose, is £8,500 and could be much higher. A combination of high costs, lack of understanding of the processes involved and the worry of bad publicity means the majority of UK businesses decide to settle employment tribunal claims well before they get to court. This, too, can be costly, even for spurious claims where the average cost is £5,400.

All this has left UK businesses £1.6 billion out of pocket – money which could be reinvested in order to create jobs and growth in the economy.

As it stands, the employment tribunal process is an albatross around the neck of UK plc.

And it’s not a level playing field either. Often employers are facing massive disadvantages when going to tribunal as the law is not on their side and settlements are often disadvantageous.

FCI helps corporate clients show that they have conducted investigations that were impartial, independent and, above all, reasonable prior to disciplining or dismissing an employee – essential if the employer is to defend an action for unfair or wrongful dismissal.