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Matrimonial & Relationship

FCI’s team of female and male investigators is expert in conducting confidential matrimonial investigations. 

If you suspect that your spouse is cheating our investigators can help you find out for sure.

If you and your spouse have already separated, or are now divorced,  we can find out if your spouse or ex-spouse is co-habiting, and with whom.  This is particularly important when young children are involved, where he or she has a responsibility to help with financial maintenance for the main carer who has custody of the children. We can also find out if they’re hiding assets in which you are entitled to share.

Pre-nuptial investigations are today becoming more common in UK.

Hiring FCI to carry out an in-depth investigation into a person’s background can provide essential peace of mind for you and your family if you are concerned that you might not know all that you feel you should ahead of such an important step in life.

Further Information

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