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Corporate & Commercial

Corporate and commercial investigations take many shapes and forms in today’s complex business environment.

Listed below are some of the corporate and commercial areas where FCI’s expertise can prove invaluable:

  • Due-diligence investigations;
  • Misconduct enquiries (discrimination, bullying, sexual harassment etc);
  • Employee theft investigations;
  • Employee absenteeism enquiries;
  • Surveillance investigations (male and female operatives);
  • Company fraud and industrial espionage;
  • Computer forensics.

Theft by employees, company fraud and industrial espionage are just three examples of the challenges businesses can and do face every day, particularly in tough economic times.

Small-scale theft can quickly escalate until, as the perpetrator becomes bolder – often due to lack of detection, the situation can quickly become dire. Like a cancer these infections can poison the very fabric of an organisation, damaging both its reputation and its bottom line.

It is quite often the case that serious commercial fraud and corruption involves senior people, because senior people have both the authority to conduct wrongful transactions and the wherewithal to cover their tracks.

Prospective fraudsters will look to exploit these weaknesses so it is essential that investigations look at all tiers within an organisation .

If you suspect that fraudulent or espionage activity might be taking place within your organisation you should contact FCI right away.

We can conduct a thorough independent investigation, gather evidence if it exists and, when appropriate questions have been asked, supply you with a complete caseload advice file.

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